The first letter

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Dear rental property manager,

This is why you can no longer lease out a house with a mould infestation. Perhaps you compartmentalize when dealing with tenants, manage them sorting out the “good ones” from the “bad ones” but always trying to keep them inline. You diligently work to do the best for the property owner helping them manage their assets and progress on the property ladder. You work hard to ensure that their property is always tenanted and that the tenants look after their investment for them. You write into your terms as much as possible that the tenant must pay for the upkeep such as running reticulation. Lawns must be mowed, edges trimmed, weeds pulled out, grass removed from garden beds, bushes and vines trimmed. The entire time the tenant pays to live in this property and to maintain it to secure it, prevent unauthorised trespass, buglers, vandals and squatters. You demand that purest gold and you do the best to maintain a constant churn of people lining up to give you this gold but you don’t have compassion for what happens to these people, you don’t know how hard they work, how hard they study, or know about their dreams and goals for the future, hope to build community and to be accepted, to have friends, to find love and be able to start their own family. Sure nothing is guaranteed in life. Many people through their own folly make mistakes in life and ruin their chances at these things but when their home is infested with mould then they are already setup to fail and each time they get up and try again they will fall again this time harder than the last. No matter how healthy they eat, no matter how much they look after their teeth, hair and skin they will decay. No matter how much they try to relax they will not be able to relax, no matter how much they try to sleep the rest will not fully regenerate them. No matter how much they wash their clothes the smell will not leave them. No matter how hard they try at work or in their career they will have already been setup to fall, to lose everything, their health, their love interests and their possessions and even their mind. When there is mould in their home the body is always fighting toxins and infection just to stay alive. Now even their major organs that have served them their entire lives such as liver, kidney, colon and spleen are fighting a losing battle against and onslaught of toxic hell. The mind is trapped in an unescapable hell of inflammation that will torture it beyond the limits of sanity. People they meet in the street or in the shops can tell there is something not right about them. There is something scary about them. They look sickly, foul and abhorent. They age rapidly and on fast forward. Perhaps in a wicked and treacherous way this is fair to you. If time has robbed you of youth and agility then it is only fair that you should get to enjoy watching the same happen to others. Perhaps there is a death drive "Thanatos" as known to the ancient Greeks and this is the punishment for their stupidity for not inspecting properly, not doing their due diligence and being aware that the property was infested with mould. The young and idealistic are not aware of the callous Machiavellian and dog-eat-dog nature of this world. They were stupid enough to trust that humans would be decent and use empathy when dealing with each other and not turn it off when it suited their cashflow and business goals. So this is why you will not be able to lease out a house with mould ever again. This is not us being unfair and depriving the owner of income this is tide turning and the destruction you have reaped with your deception coming back to you. This is the next generation declaring that you will not get away with this anymore and you have taught us that letting property owners order us around does not benefit us in any way. It will not make us property owners too, it will only further enrich you at our expense and once you finish sucking us dry you move onto the next one. The tides are turning. You cannot lease out properties infested with mould anymore.