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Please expand on or even tear apart this letter on the discussion tab.

Dear agent,

Subject: Further information and research regards health observations experienced while leasing the property.

I have further information that should be of interest to you as it exonerates the real estate industry regards mould health issues. You do however, need to take this information onboard as your help is sorely needed to assist in resolution of the underlying problem.

Mould has always been a problem in buildings especially after water damage. Mould spores are microscopic, thus they are invisible to the human eye, so the cause of mould related illness is not always obvious.

The change in recent years is that the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communication has increased rapidly. We have seen the introduction of WiFi both 2.4 and 5ghz spectrums, the introduction of 3g and 4g mobile phone networks, digital TV and radio and now more recently 5g communications.

The lower frequencies e.g. AM radio are the least ionizing meaning that the energy they carry is nowhere near enough to liberate electrons from atoms or molecules. This means that they will not cause damage to human DNA. The higher up the electromagnetic spectrum you broadcast on for example the WiFi and 3g, 4g, 5g spectrum the closer you come to ionizing radiation and are more likely to cause damage to DNA. In humans the damage is very minor and is quickly repaired by the bodies DNA repair mechanisms, however this presents a much bigger problem to mould colonies as the onslaught of electromagnetic radiation puts great stress onto them. They respond by reproducing much faster in order to survive the harsher conditions and they release toxins both for defense and upon cell death.

These toxins, known as mycotoxins, are extremely bad for humans, but some people are particularly allergic to them getting reactions much earlier than most people. The allergic reactions manifest as both physical and mental health issues.

Additionally the healthy human body contains trillions of cells of beneficial bacteria known as the microbiome. This bacteria is less able to survive exposure to toxins and more likely to be overtaken by harmful bacteria. This has wide ranging implications for allergy and health both physical and mental.

I am commissioning further research that will involve the observations of different mould species under microscope when exposed to electromagnetic radiation that I will publish online and send to organizations responsible for public health.

Any assistance that the real-estate industry can provide helping reach a responsible resolution of this growing health issue is greatly appreciated. For now please consider moisture control as the first line of defense against mould to prevent damage to the health and well-being of your tenants.

Best regards,

Christopher Caston

PS sorry for not cleaning the stove